7 Affordable Tropical Vacations for 2019

Sunny gateaways are cheaper in the Caribbean islands and warm weather locales like Mexico and India. Here are 7 tropical vacations that are more affordable than you think. Placencia, Belize This fishing village in located away from the popular tourist spots in the country. It’s found on Belize’s south-eastern side and a little difficult to […]

Tamil Nadu in India

You’d be hard-pushed to find a more diverse, vibrant destination than Tamil Nadu, India’s most south-easterly state. Like a microcosm of India as a whole, Tamil Nadu has a bit of everything: ancient temples, palatial mansions, ocean views, mountaintop hotels and a rich, cultural history.   Think of the city of Puducherry (formerly Pondicherry) as […]

Food Travel: Romania’s National Cuisine

Romanian traditional dishes consistently ooze a homemade feel; hearty, rich and with a strong spotlight on flavor. Planning to visit Romania?  Below is a list of dishes you should try out. Storceag You’ll have to travel east to the Danube Delta to taste this delicious soup. Try a bowl of storceag, a typical dish made […]

A Trip to India

  When India is the topic for travel, one would usually Taj Mahal as the destination to visit. With a vast number of visitors each year, there are certain places in India that are also worth the visit. Ajanta Caves A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Ajanta Caves are unusual and completely impressive. The caves […]